Signs of Mice Infestation in Your House

Not only are mice, one of the grossest creatures in existence, they are notoriously known for spreading diseases as well. A mice infestation within your property not only represents a major inconvenience, it can have a significant impact on the health of you and your family members as well. Mice control Scarborough service told us about some of the most common sign that indicate that this dangerous pest may be using your sanctuary as an active breeding ground.

1) Strange Noises That Occur At Night Time

Chances are that, you may never see a mouse during the day. This is because they are naturally nocturnal. As such, many house mice tend to be more active during the night. One way you can tell if you may have an infestation problem is if you notice any sounds that may be coming from your attic or basement at night time. These sounds indicate that they may be looking for food or even worse, building their nesting areas to spread their population even more so.

2) Feces

House mice have a natural tendency to store its food and consume it in small increments. The end result of this is that they tend to poo more frequently than other home pests, especially during the night. Common places where mice tend to leave feces include:
* Furniture drawers
* Basement
* Attic
* Bottom areas of certain kitchen appliances such as: stoves, portable ovens and refrigerators.

3) Burrowing Entrances

When mice invade a home, they instinctively walk as close to the walls as possible to minimize visibility. As an end result of this, they tend to create burrowing holes along their pathway as a sort of an escape route. Another thing you need to look out for are burrowing entrances that may indicate a small mice infestation within the foundations of your walls.

4) Shredded Nesting Material

One of the more obvious signs that indicate that your home is being used as a breeding ground are shredded nesting materials. House mice compromise for the fact that they don’t have the same type of materials that they would have in the wild to build their nest, by utilizing materials that essentially serves the same purpose such as cloth, writing/printing paper, cardboard and toilet tissue for example. As such, if you notice that your home contains an abundance of small pieces of shredded paper throughout several areas of your property, that indicates that they’re in the process of expanding their population.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make, whenever they believe that the have found a variety of signs that indicate a mouse infestation, is that they attempt to solve the problem on their own, via do it yourself products such as mice traps and poison. While you may be able to catch one or two mice, it’s important to note that one single mouse has the ability to reproduce every 21 days. As such, the population may continue to grow rapidly, regardless if you choose to buy a mouse trap. As such, if you come across any signs of mice infestation in your house, contact a pest exterminator immediately, so that you can eradicate their entire colony.